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Tile Drainage - Fact Sheet

The function of sub-surface tile or tube drains are to control rising water tables. Tile drains consist of buried pipes (open slotted, perforated or open ended) which intercept and remove excess water from water logged areas or where groundwater levels are high.

Tile Drainage Research Results & Economics

Excess water is often a major problem in parts of the northern plains. In 2002 large areas of Northwest Minnesota experienced flooding – some fields were flooded more than once, and some more than twice.

Red Lake Watershed Study

The amount of tile drainage in northwestern Minnesota has been increasing. There has been interest among natural resource and water management professionals about the effect this trend will have upon water quality within the Red River Basin.…

Salinity Tile Effluent

Under irrigated agriculture the soil root zone represents the location where a significantly large portion of applied water is lost by evapo-transpiration, leaving essentially all of the dissolved constituents, i.e. salts, behind.

Benefits of Tile Drainage

Agricultural land drainage has been practiced for millennia. Greek and Egyptian civilizations relied on surface drainage to preserve cropland from being damaged by flood waters. Since then, agricultural drainage has continued to change and develop…


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