Our Vision

  • To Be a Voice
    • Sustainable water management is a necessity for rural communities to survive and thrive, and in order to grow food for our world’s burgeoning population.  We have a story to tell of how sustainable water management can benefit both communities and the environment.  We work with regulators and communities to help them understand the needs of agriculture, and how it benefits stakeholders and the environment.  
  • Emphasis on Agriculture
    • The needs of agriculture are often overlooked in land use planning.  Our goal is to keep agriculture at the forefront  of these discussions and make sure that it can not only survive, but thrive.  
  • To be connected and have relationships with regulators
    • We will work hard to cultivate relationships with people and groups that have influence.  We understand that there needs to be give and take in all things, and that in order to ensure the success of producers, we will need to be a part of the solution.  
  • To be a resource
    • We have the relationships, tools, and expertise within our membership to provide solutions to water related problems.  Our goal is to provide the resources that people need.  
  • To educate and advocate
    • Education and advocacy are critical to helping people understand the issues at hand.  Many people are looking for information and need help understanding the concepts of sustainable water management.  We work with RM Councils, Watershed Districts, Regulators, and neighbours to help them understand what our needs are and how we can help their needs as well.  
  • To promote sustainability
    • Our goal is to promote responsible, sustainable water management practices.  We don’t promote or condone reckless drainage without proper consideration for others or the environment.  We want to provide agriculture with the best possible agronomic conditions for optimum crop growth, while at the same time minimizing negative impacts.

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